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Find ALW at the Nutty New Year Party!

Animal Liberation Wave will be participating in the 'Nutty New Year Party' held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul this Saturday (30th).

The Nutty New Year Party is an event organized by 'Nutties', a growing vegetarian society of Korea, to break the prejudice against the vegetarian diet and create a popular culture on the move, which coincides with the principle of ALW. In support of the event, we are actually coming to meet cool people on the spot!

At the Natty New Year Party, we will be hosting a small event, 'GOGO 2018, GOGO ALW', inviting people to write their New Year wishes for animals and hang them on Christmas tree. If you haven't joined us, registration on site will also be available. Please refer to below information and find us at the party!

[Event Overview]

When: Saturday, December 30, 2017 4:00 - 10:00 pm 

Where: Seongsu-dong bark (SUPY)

Host: Nutties Participants: up to 500 individuals 


     - Vegan food and liquor 

     - Live performances and DJing parties (Junbumsun and Lee Sangkyu, Blanc Noir, DJ Lookhim, DJ Whyes) 

     - Various games and events, photo zone 

     - Animal Emancipation Wave: 'GOGO 2018, GOGO ALW'