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Notice about joining ALW

Thank you for taking interest and visiting Animal Liberation Wave.

After the official launch on November 15th, 2017, more people are joining us. Please refer to below with regard to ALW future activity and what supporters can do with ALW:

1. Our supporter, so called in Korean 'Donghaemulgeolin', are ALW member who agrees with and is ready to act towards the principle and mission of ALW. It is 'joining' rather than 'applying' to ALW. Being vegan at the time is not a quality that a person must have to join us. Anyone who agrees strongly with the principle of ALW can do so. Our donation will start in mid-Feb.

2. Supporters can participate in the core campaigns organized by ALW. When strong power of citizens need be demonstrated through gathering, rally, press conferenc, performanc, etc., we will actively reach out and inform via official pages, SNS, e-mail, and text messages.

3. Supporters can suggest and create campaign activities should they be in line with the goal, philosophy and principle of ALW. For this please contact our team via email. Various small and big movements taking place all over the country will together make a huge societal signal for animal liberation, which is what ALW aims for. 

4. The first core campaign of ALW is being prepared and is scheduled to be launched on January 30th, 2018. It will be shared to supporters via emails, texts, and SNS.

Please contact for more inquiries. 

Thank you.