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​Background and Goal

Every year, a million dogs are brutally slaughtered for meat while the government turns a blind eye.

In South Korea, where 1 out of 5 humans live with dogs, the animal is legally categorized and protected as ‘companion animal’ under the Animal Protection Act. However, at the same time, millions of dogs are suffering from the dog meat trade that persists to this day.

Under the Sanitary Control of Livestock Products Act, dogs are not to be consumed as ‘food’. Regardless, the number of farms that systematically breed and raise dogs for meat reaches up to three thousand in this country. They kill a million each year, and sell those to markets and restaurants nationwide.

The cause of this legal contraction is the outdated Livestock Industry Act, which still recognizes dogs as ‘livestock’. Indeed, our canine friends are considered as both ‘companion’ and ‘livestock’ by the Korean law. Hence the current legal loophole: 1) dogs are not labeled as “food” (Sanitary Control of Livestock Products Act); 2) must not be maltreated or slaughtered (Animal Protection Act); but are still 3) bred and raised in dog farms in horrific conditions (Livestock Industry Act).

As we welcome 2018, the first year of the golden dog in sixty years, we demand the Korean government to finally answer this long-neglected question: IS DOG A FRIEND OR FOOD?

Join Last Chance for Animals and Animal Liberation Wave to support #StopDogMeat campaign by signing the petition.

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