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Animal Liberation Wave (ALW) is
a movement of citizens that recognize non-human animals as sentient beings
and take action to liberate them from the suffering caused
by the Korean society.

We campaign for a society that recognizes the animals’ right to be free from pain.
Humans have hitherto considered non-human animals as essentially different. We treated them as chattels or machines, and used them for companionship, food, entertainment, and experiments for the greed and pleasure of humans only.

But when it comes to the capacity to feel pain, humans and non-human animals are essentially the same. Animals also feel the moist earth, fresh breeze, warm sun, and cool waves, and by instinct seek comfort rather than pain. Animals also feel pain with their well- developed nervous system, and express it in a manner similar to ours, e.g. avoidance, scream, and alarm.

A just society does not treat equal beings unequally. It does not allow anyone the right to discriminate and cause pain to others no matter how ‘superior’ or ‘special’ one is in appearance, language, intelligence, rationality, or class. It does not take away the right to protect oneself from pain merely because one lacks the ability to declare or argue for one’s own rights.

Animal Liberation Wave goes further than paternalistic protection of animals, and campaigns for a society that recognizes their right to be free from pain. It will create a massive wave of animal liberation through civil actions and practices so that more animals can live a happy life free from artificial spaces and distinctions.

A world more just, generous,
and sustainable with animals is indeed possible.
The advancement in science is creating a world that can be prosperous even without hurting animals. This is a wave that is already happening. The range of options that do not rely on animal products is getting wider in all aspects of life, e.g. fashion, food, and housing.

The question is how many more citizens welcome this change, and join the wave. Please join the Animal Liberation Wave in fighting speciesism and expanding the boundary of humanitarianism. The world that is just and generous for animals too is not far away.

We act together
Animal liberation is a social movement for all beings, human and non-human.
People power changes society and policy.
Small particles make up big waves.
Join us now!
If you feel compassionate towards animals in pain
and would like to give them freedom,

please join the wave.
Together we can make a big one.
Read our principle and join in!